God of the Broken

God of the Broken

We serve the God of the broken, the God who repairs those who crumble before him, the ones who melt in the purifying of his consuming fire, until every impurity is burned away. Then we can dance; then we can fly. Like David we can be free to move to the Lord, to take every step by his great power.

When this happens then we can be free from any care of what the people of this world think about us. If we are rebuked for moving by the power of our King, in his joy, then we can simply say, “I will become more undignified than this for my God,” free to dance with joy because we serve the God of the broken.

That is why he is our God, because it is in His very nature to bring Shalom, wholeness, to the broken. We are broken but not unable to be repaired. No one else sees our worth except him who created us and redeemed us after the great fall which left us shattered. He is Jehovah-Shammah, the LORD who is present, the one who is there when we have been hard pressed on every side on the brink of destruction, is the same God who is there when we dance because we have been lifted out of the mire. We know that he has restored our souls with the joy of his salvation.

This same God is also, Jehovah-M’kaddesh, The LORD who sanctifies us. He takes dirty, cracked jars of clay, and he fills us with the greatest treasure ever known. He takes our righteousness that is stained like dirty rags and washes it white as snow so that we are wrapped in garments of beautiful purity and praise.

Can you imagine? Do you realize what it means to have the God of the universe give up his Son so that he can buy us and make us his dwelling place? All the heavens can not even begin to contain him, but he still chooses to find residence in the lowest of low, like me.

Even more than that, the bible says, “By his wounds we are healed.” He gave everything to make sure we had means by which to live. He is the unchanging God so that we have a constant in our lives. He experienced Hell, being forsaken by his Father, so we would never have to know what it means to be alone. He rose again so we would have hope in a risen and living savior. God loves us! Can you believe it? God loves you!

So quite possibly for the first time my heart knows what my head has known for years, God, the Almighty Master of the universe, loves me, little nobody me! He loves the broken, but praise him, he doesn’t leave us that way. His grace transforms us the regain the image in which we were created, that of God himself. So we can declare with our hearts that are being mended, our lives being repaired, and our souls being sanctified, “this is the day that the LORD has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Thank you Jesus for loving and repairing the broken, and making us whole again.

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