Never Alone

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like even your own mother doesn’t understand you, doesn’t have a clue about who you are? Well I just did. I hate that no matter how close to people I am, I can never ever manage to quite express my deepest feelings, hurts, needs, wants and passions. The stuff that I usually tuck away at some place way deep down inside of me and rarely bring to the surface for some refreshing air that comes with sharing yourself. I just can’t ever convey exactly who I am, even at the times when I am most sure I understand myself I can’t articulate that to others. That’s one of my favorite things about God. The bible says God is El-Roi (Gen 16:13), or the God who sees us and understands us.

The one who David says knows everything about us because He knit together our inmost being before we were even born. He is the God who knows even more than we do about our needs, wants, hopes, fears and the lot. God is the God who more than graciously takes care of lowly sparrows and promises that he provides for us even more so. Next time you feel alone, lonely because no one quite understands you, not even you best friend, your spouse, or your own mom, remember there is a God, the one true God, who knows everything, and I mean everything about you. Run to Him, talk to him.

Tell him your hurts, your desires, he knows them any way, but he wants to hear from you, his most precious creation, his child, the one he would rather die than live without. When you do this I believe God will let you see more of him. The word says if you draw near to God he will draw near to you. I see a big part of this as opening up and telling God everything, not because He needs to hear you say it but because he wants you to open up to him to better prepare you to be open to Him. God desires you, you, you! Usher in the LORD, pour yourself out to Him, and He will chase away the loneliness, the anxiety, the fear, the hurt, and pain, and replace it with unexplainable, peace, joy, contentment, and an understanding that you are known and you are loved any way.

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