The Call 7-7-07, Remix

So some of you may have read my earlier post about The Call in Nashville. Well here’s a very humbling and amazing story from that event. Its certainly worth hearing.

One of my closest friends went to the event, in fact He and I just got done teaching a class together at bible camp this week, and he witnessed quite the incredible sight. At the beginning of the event they had a “repentance walk” through Nashville. As the group approached Church St., one of the main gathering places for the gay community in Nashville, my friend said like any good Christian they started reaching there hands out toward some of the clubs and praying that God would fix the gays. Boy were they in for a bit of a surprise.

My friend said as they were approaching the second block or so on Church St., there were a group of about 15 gay men standing on the steps of one of the buildings pouring glasses of water for the marchers.Thats right, the gay community was teaching the Church how to live in that moment. Scripture says that every good and perfect gift comes from the LORD. That means that God was channeling His love through this group of men whom the church has most often condemned and ostracized or tolerated at best.

My friend asked one of the guys why they were doing this and the guy said, “We just figured you all would be thirsty.”

To be honest that story humbles me, it challenges me, it makes me cry, and it really pisses me off. I am humbled because it shows me how much I still have to learn about loving my enemies and blessing those who persecute me. I am challenged because I know I need to give more of my life in service to others because it glorifies God. I cried because the story was just so beautiful. And finally, I was so pissed off because the church, me included, should be participating in this kind of act of love instead of trying to pray our “righteousness” and “piety” on to others when instead we ought to be praying God’s blessing on them and looking for ways to serve and love them.

God bless the Gay community!

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6 Comments on “The Call 7-7-07, Remix”

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  2. preacherman Says:

    Very interesting post.
    Keep it up!

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  4. “…instead of trying to pray our “righteousness” and “piety” on to others when instead we ought to be praying God’s blessing on them and looking for ways to serve and love them.”

    Yes! We have no righteousness to impute to anyone. HE alone delivers virtue and pronounces truth. We should beg for it to be poured into our lives. And piety, our earnest desire to walk with Christ, *must* hold hands with humility. “To do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”

    And then maybe our own wavering light might bring Him honor.

    Matt. 6

  5. Emmaloves Says:

    Why does this story surprise me so much? Many of the most Christ-like actions I’ve ever seen have come from those who don’t accept the Sunday-morning-pew-warming religion that I’ve been taught to embrace.

  6. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing this story!

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