Healing Beggars is too Convenient

As I have been traveling through Asia I have certainly seen my share of beggars on the street. This always pains me as I feel a bit helpless when it comes to helping these folks in any meaningful way, especially those with some kind of physical or mental handicap. This struggle led me into a coversation with one of our traveling buddies about faith and healing.

I said something to the gist of, “I really believe these folks could be healed if we reached out our hand and by faith healed the person in the name of Jesus.” My friend responded with something quite profound. She said, “perhaps that would be too convenient.”

You see, part of my struggle, and perhaps the struggle of many, when it comes to seeing those in need is that we want to give them a quick fix. We certainly want to heal their pain and end their loneliness and poverty, but do we want to do that if it actually cost us something?

That is just one more beautiful thing about the story of Jesus, He was willing to sacrifice for the good of others. He went to the Cross atop Skull Hill, for beggars I often hesitate to toss a few coins at. He lived his whole life and even gave up his body and blood for the impoverished street dwellers that I turn my head from so I dont have to live a hint of their pain for even the briefest of moments if our eyes were to meet. Jesus, the Friend of Sinners and the Lover of the Poor, faced the ridicule and brutality of the ruling class on the behalf of those who I have walked by, Starbucks cup in hand, with out so much as a nod or a thought of their condition.

Lord help me, help all of us, to spend ourselves on behalf of those in need. We want to be like Jesus. We want have the poor and the broken propped up on our shoulders as you propped up a Cross on yours to repair our shattered lives. We want to love as you love, the kind of love that costs us something.

Love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, only more love- Mother Teresa

A Christian who does not wish to live this commitment of solidarity with the poor is not worthy of the name Christian. – Oscar Romero

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One Comment on “Healing Beggars is too Convenient”

  1. Cole Yoakum Says:

    Dude, totally with you on the feeling helpless with helping people. Everyday doing the work that we do is hard, and sometimes difficult to know if what you are doing is helping or perpetuating the problem. I have had friends tell me this about anywhere they go. It is all over asia, Europe has to deal with the gipsies, there are homeless in the U.S. and abroad. Moses said we would always have the poor and that is so true, but knowing what to do about it is always though.

    Give me an update on China Bro, be good to hear from ya.

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