First Weeks at Asbury Seminary

Some quick thoughts about Asbury and Seminary in general.

I like the community at Asbury.

I dont like how much folks here seem to like John Wesley.  

I like the commitment to prayer, service, and worship.

I dont like the ethos statement.

I like the administration and faculty.

Really there are many more things I like about Asbury and probably a few more things of which I am not so fond.

As for seminary itself, I worry that we bring this thing we call christianity and we bring it into the world of academia and parse it, debate it, discuss it, write about it, read about it, and on and on, while we forget that this is a lifestyle and nothing less will really due. I have also noticed that the proverb is certainly true that knowledge puffs up. What a shame. We should be humbled the more we learn at this place because for every answer we receive a thousand more questions present themselves, after all we are dealing with an infinite God. Finally, I have seen the great opportunity this is to form relationships with like-minded people that will hopefully lead to connections for ministry now and in the future.

Any advice from seminarians out there, past or present, how to make it through the next 3-4 years?

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3 Comments on “First Weeks at Asbury Seminary”

  1. Emma Says:

    So true about the puffing up proverb. Thanks for the reminder to be humble.

  2. jimmymccarty Says:


    I’m really excited about your time at Asbury. As I attend a Methodist seminary I can def understand the frustration with the affinity for Mr. Wesley. Anyways, my advice on making it through:

    1. Join and become committed to a local church. That is where much of your spiritual strength will come from.

    2. As much as possible take classes you know you will really enjoy and be challenged by. If your required classes don’t fit that bill then at least try to shape your papers and projects around topics you are passionate about.

    3. Soak up as much as you can from the faculty. These have been some of the best relationships I have built at CST.

    4. Talk to your wife about what you are learning. It will be both an intellectual and spiritual exercise and help the two of you grow closer together and to God. By the time you’re finished she should be almost as “qualified” as you!

    5. Never forget why you are there, and, as you said, never cease to be humbled by what you are learning, and how little you still know, about God and faith.

  3. james dean Says:

    My advice –

    The ethos statement is bunk, especially considering we are in Kentucky, the home of bourbon. CS Lewis said if you are going to sin, do it boldly. Drink up, for the Lord gives all things richly for our enojoement. And just learn to get over the guilt. Oh, and don’t talk about it.

    jimmy dean

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