Christian Perspectives on Abortion

Here are a few articles on abortion that essentially articulate three different views on abortion. I ask that you read each of them carefully and critically. All of them affirm the sanctity of life, but take a different approach to living out that affirmation. Here are the links and few representative quotes from each.

The first article is from Tony Campolo, professor, minster, and social activist. 

“Red Letter Christians are overwhelmingly pro-life, even though we refuse to get caught up in the power-centered politics of the Religious Right… Most Red Letter Christians are unwilling to become single-issue voters whose politics are determined solely by abortion.”

“It seems to me morally inconsistent and very unfair for a member of congress to vote against abortion but then not to support those economic measures, which experts say could cut abortions by as many as 500,000 in any given year.”

“Regardless how we vote when considering the abortion issue we will probably make some of our fellow Christians angry. This is not just another issue- for many, its a life and death matter. But Red Letter Christians must face the reality that there are good Christians on both sides of the debate. As hard as it may be, we must show grace toward those who take positions that differ from our own.”

Here is an article, or rather series of short related articles from Focus on the Family.

“Abortion poses risks to women and kills their preborn children. At its root, abortion is evidence of a lack of choices for women in unintended pregnancies as well as a societal disrespect for the value of young human life.”

“Women are certainly not the only ones affected by abortion. The preborn baby human at the center of the pregnancy has no choice, or voice, in the abortion decision yet, in most cases, arguably the most to lose… There is no doubt that this growing entity is fully human and a member of the human family.”

“Focus on the Family opposes abortion under all circumstances, except in the rare instance when the mother’s life is threatened by continuing the pregnancy.”

Here is an article by Greg Boyd, that reflects his Kingdom understanding of abortion, and his personal, non-kingdom, political view on the subject as well.

“Jesus never let the politics of his day determine how he approached issues. Sadly, this is exactly what many Christians today are doing. No where is this more evident than in the abortion debate.”

“These issues will undoubtedly be wrapped up with other difficult metaphysical questions, such as: When does the fetus become a full person? When does it become in “the image of God”? When does it acquire a “soul”? (Many contemporary Christians are surprised to learn throughout its history the Church has never had consensus about these issues).”

“The distinctly kingdom question is not, How should one vote? The distinctly kingdom question is, How should one live? Our unique authority as kingdom people can’t be granted us or taken from us by government. Our unique authority lies in our willingness to live and die as Jesus did, in love for others. The distinct kingdom question we should ask in regards to abortion is; how can we individually and collectively serve women sacrificially who are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy and serve the unborn babies that are unwanted?”

“Numerous studies have revealed that, regardless of whether they vote pro-life or pro-choice, the majority of Americans agree that a) the fewer the abortions the better, and b) the later an abortion takes place, the worse it is. Yet, instead of working together to create a society in which abortion is rarely necessary and later abortions never occur, the two sides are for the most part polarized at extremes, both fearing that giving an inch will justify “the opposition” in taking a mile.”

To be honest I was a bit surprised by some of the things I found from Focus on the Family and Tony Campolo, I had already read Boyd’s article a while ago so no surprises there. What do you think about each of these positions? How can we as followers of Christ be truly pro-life? 

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2 Comments on “Christian Perspectives on Abortion”

  1. Emma Says:

    I think abortion is a horrible thing, most horrible for the mother who makes the decision. Research shows that 9 times out of 10 the mother will end up trapped in a web of addictions. My heart breaks, since what society has screamed is “not a big deal” and “her right” ultimately betrays her.

    HOWEVER, with abortion being legal for the past 35 years and widely used, I think it sounds unrealistic to just *poof* take it away. As with anything else in society, if you take something away, there has to be something to replace it with. When will our society get real and come together to figure out the root of the problem and how to fix it?! For starters, maybe loving on the mothers who are placed in such a horrible predicament, and providing support for her instead of spitting and screaming at her as she, humiliated and desperate, walks into the clinic? AND for the “conservatives” being so ANTI-abortion, I think they need to start putting their money where their mouth is. McCain talks big about wanting to end abortion and place much more emphasis on adoption, yet he also states that he is going to “take a hatchet and slash all funding”. Explain to me, McCain, just how you plan to replace abortion with adoption with ZERO funding whatsoever?!?!

  2. rogueminister Says:

    I think you are right when you say that we need to get to the root of the problem. I am not sure exactly what that root is though. I have some guesses, but I am not sure exactly which one it is. Maybe its all of them or at least a combination of several.

    One thing I know for sure you have exactly right is loving on the mothers and letting them know their infinite worth and the infinite worth of their unborn child.

    It does seem messed up to be anti-abortion and think that only means passing laws against it and not passing laws that prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    I dont think as Christians we should rely on the government to do what we ought to be doing. I am thankful for people like you and Mark for your willingness to do some really great tangible things to live this commitment out. I look forward to the day when Rachel and I are in the position to do more.

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