Moving… Toward Justice (With Your Help)

Injustice makes me angry, especially when it is willful and blatant. We encountered one of just those sorts of injustices this past week, and we are continuing to right this wrong. Let me quickly tell you the story (yes, I did just split an infinitive).

On Monday, the night we usually feed upwards of 100 hungry people, we were having a town hall meeting at the church building. But, I am getting ahead of myself. That afternoon as we were preparing for the night’s events one of our new friends came in crying. She began to tell us that her landlord was arbitrarily charging her extra fees and claiming that she owed on her rent. The worst part is that the landlord had served her an eviction notice demanding that she pay up, plus the arbitrary fees, or she would be kicked out.

Fortunately, we know a lawyer who does great justice work for a great price (often for free). He offered his legal help, and our friend won her case. She was able to prove that she had indeed payed what she owed and that she was not due to pay any extra fees. Hooray!

Unfortunately, the landlord has decided not to renew our friend’s lease after it is up at the end of this month. Here’s the kicker. Our friend lives in a mobile home, which she and owns, but she has been renting the lot.


So, this means she now has a couple options: 1) Sell her mobile home. 2) Somehow raise the money (approx. $1500) to move it to a new park. Option one is problematic because she has such short notice, and because she may not be able to get what the place is worth. So, that leaves us with option two.

Here is where you come in. Our friend has been treated completely unjustly, so we are trying to pursue some justice by helping to raise the money to for her to move her mobile home. Also, if you know of anyone who would be capable and willing to move a mobile home for a charitable price (perhaps even free), that would of course be welcome.

If you would like to help us work toward justice for our friend, please make a check payable to Embrace Church with “Trailer Move” in the subject line, and send it to Embrace Church C/O Justin Barringer, 1015 N. Limestone St., Lexington, KY. 


Also, if you are interested in supporting my ministry as an urban missionary, please click the button below.


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