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Rogue- a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way. Originated from Latin rogare, “to ask” or “to beg.”

Minister- a person or thing used to achieve or convey something. Originated from Latin, “servant.”

I am a great sinner, but I serve a greater savior. I hope that someday my life will be a shining example of Jesus Christ and His great love for humanity. I confess and apologize that my actions rarely, if ever, live up to the words that I use. I am more and more realizing my own depravity and my need for someone to rescue me from myself.

I work as the Outreach Pastor at Embrace Church in Lexington, KY. I am fundraising my own salary, so if you would like to find out more check out my fundraising letter, or if you would like to support my ministry to the “least of these” and the unchurched folks of Lexington just click the donate button below.


I am married to Rachel, a beautiful, humble, forgiving, loving, merciful, servant of the Living God. We lived year in China where we taught English at a university and did our best to be tour guides pointing out The Way. I graduated from Lipscomb University with a degree in Oral Communication with a minor in Bible and History. I have worked as both a youth minister and a preacher in the Nashville area and I have been blessed with the opportunity to preach at churches, bible camps, and Christian concerts all over the States and in a few foreign countries.

I recently earned my Masters of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary. IĀ  hope to pursue a Th.M and a Ph.D then teach Christian ethics, practical theology, political theology, and homiletics classes.

My first book, which I was fortunate to co-edit with Tripp York, recently hit the shelves. It is entitled A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions Christian Nonviolence. I am particularly excited about the variety, notoriety and competency of each of our contributors, and proud to be a part of The Peaceable Kingdom Series. I also have another short book, No More Excuses: 1o1 Ways to Love and Serve Your Neighbors, being published by Asbury Seminary’s new publishing venture,Ā  Seedbed, (hopefully soon).

My wife and I have a dream, along with some friends, to start a sort of New Monastic community in Nashville someday. It will be a place where we can live in community, invite in people who often get left out, and share God with each other and the world through our communal life. Until then I just hope to share the story about the GodMan who changed my whole life in everything I say and do.

If you wanna know more, just check out my first entry, or just ask me. Be blessed in Jesus, the Friend of sinners. Also, feel free to check out my C.V.


10 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Jesus was a little bit of a rogue minister wouldn’t you say?

  2. rogueminister Says:


  3. Preacherman Says:

    I love your blog and post is great too brother.
    Keep up the great posts and i will be reading regularly.
    God bless you in all you do.
    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry
    Preacherman! šŸ™‚

  4. Karen Says:

    I wrote you last month in response to our (my husband and myself) seeking God to know if He would have us cast our vote in the upcoming presidential election. At the age of 53, neither of us has participated in political ventures at all. But we both have had a continued Holy-Spirit-inspired pressure to seek the Lord’s face about this and pray for wisdom that cannot be gainsayed.

    I would like to send you six articles without comment via e-mail attachment. I would greatly appreciate your feedback after you’ve read them. I lost your e-mail address. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me at the address above? I’ll attach the articles to a reply and we’ll see what God has in store for us. Thanks, Brother. Karen Parrish

  5. rogueminister Says:

    Karen you didnt put an email address that I could email you at.

  6. Would love to chat sometime. I am just a church planting novice here in Lebanon.

  7. mom2olivia Says:

    Just found you via the Asbury Seminary blogs. I will be starting my Mdiv at Asbury online this fall šŸ™‚ Will be adding you to my blogroll, God Bless you and your wife, and good luck with your studdies too! I am really excited to start! Robin

  8. Wow, thanks for all the information you supply here. You make great points. Nice blog!

  9. bubblyfire Says:

    I found your site by accident – A post you’d done on Human Trafficking was linked to one of mine. It’s a cause that is very dear to me.

    Anyways, just wanted to say great blog šŸ™‚

  10. […] Tripp York and Justin Bronson Barringer have identified the right questions for this sort of book and pulled together thoughtful […]

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