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Would Jesus Vote? Part 4

July 17, 2008

To finish this series I thought I would put up a list of resources. These books range from those supporting conservative politics to liberal politics, and from supporting Christians involvement in government to supporting the idea that we should stay away from worldly politics. Some deal specifically with the issues we have been discussing while others only touch on related subjects. 

“God and Government,” Charles Colson

“God’s Politics,” Jim Wallis

“The Myth of a Christian Nation,” Greg Boyd

“Myths America Lives By,” Richard Hughes

“Mere Discipleship,” Lee C. Camp

“The Politics of Jesus,” John Howard Yoder

“Jesus for President,” Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

“Christian Anarchy,” Vernard Eller, This one can also be found free online here.

Here are a few more links on the topic.

Jesus Manifesto

Shane Claiborne on God’s Politics blog


This is a very short list. This is a subject that has been extensively covered from a variety of perspectives. If it interests you I would like to hear what you think.