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Which Jesus do you follow?

May 16, 2008

This post was inspired by two sources, a song by Todd Agnew and a sermon I heard recently. The lyrics to the song are at the bottom of the post. The sermon was calling us to put aside our preconceived ideas about Jesus so that we could see the Truth and Hope that only He can reveal to us. Just like Peter and the other apostles we need put down our swords, that is our wrongheaded notions of who we expect Jesus to be, and take up our crosses, the symbol of our willingness to die to our expectations of the Christ in order to get to know the Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the LIfe.

As the news just came out that California’s supreme court has issued a ruling allowing same-sex marriages, one can only imagine the backlash that will come from groups like Focus on the Family and other conservative Christian groups who fight more for their rights than they seem to do to champion the ultimate cause of love, to be like Jesus.

We often peg Jesus to be some kind of radical social conservative who went around shoving people’s noses in the stink of their own sin while fighting relentlessly for his own rights and the rights of those who thought like him, in order, of course, to keep society as godly as possible prevent civilization as the world knew it from crumbling all around him. At least that is the picture of Jesus I see when I look at individuals and groups who appear to put more energy into reforming society, protecting their rights, and all to forcefully asserting their beliefs, than they put into restoring the church, fighting for the rights of the oppressed, and humbly admitting that they don’t have it all together either.

Others paste together an image of Jesus that had little concern for personal holiness, personal accountability, or truth because he was too focused on fixing social ills like poverty, class systems, racism, and human rights. Folks from the religious left are often just as guilty, albeit not usually in such a noticeable fashion, of portraying a  misconstrued Christ; One concerned primarily, or only, with the problems of this present age and having little or no regard for the spiritual life and the age to come.

Now I know that when people look at me they probably form an image in their minds of what Jesus must look like based on my behavior as one who claims to be a follower of this GodMan. They might see a Jesus who is rude, self-serving, arrogant, etc. etc. etc.

I however would like to make the appeal to all of those who follow Christ, to look a little deeper into this Messiah from Nazareth, be more open to the changing power of His Holy Spirit, and be more honest with ourselves and with the world that more often than not, we look very little like the Leader we claim to follow.

Let us take another look at Jesus, then a deeper look at ourselves and find out which Jesus it is that we really want to follow.


I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ. – Gandhi


My Jesus by Todd Agnew

Which Jesus do you follow? 
Which Jesus do you serve? 
If Ephesians says to imitate Christ 
Then why do you look so much like the world 

Cause my Jesus bled and died 
He spent His time with thieves and liars 
He loved the poor and accosted the arrogant 
So which one do you want to be? 

Blessed are the poor in spirit 
Or do we pray to be blessed with the wealth of this land 
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness 
Or do we ache for another taste of this world of shifting sand 

Cause my Jesus bled and died for my sins 
He spent His time with thieves and sluts and liars 
He loved the poor and accosted the rich 
So which one do you want to be? 

Who is this that you follow 
This picture of the American dream 
If Jesus were here would you walk right by on the other side 
Or fall down and worship at His holy feet 


Pretty blue eyes and curly brown hair and a clear complexion 
Is how you see Him as He dies for Your sins 
But the Word says He was battered scarred 
Or did you miss that part 
Sometimes I doubt we’d recognize Him 

Cause my Jesus bled and died 
He spent His time with thieves and the least of these 
He loved the poor and accosted the comfortable 
So which one do you want to be? 

Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church 
The blood and dirt on his feet might stain the carpet 
But He reaches for the hurting and despises the proud 
I think He’d prefer Beale ST. to the stained glass crowd 
And I know that He can hear if I cry out loud 

I want to be like my Jesus! 
I want to be like my Jesus! 
I want to be like my Jesus! 
I want to be like my Jesus! 

Not a poster child for American prosperity, but like my Jesus 
You see I’m tired of living for success and popularity 
I want to be like my Jesus but I’m not sure what that means to be like 
You Jesus 
Cause You said to live like You, love like You but then You died for me 
Can I be like You Jesus? 
I want to be like You Jesus. 
I want to be like my Jesus.