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Jerry Springer Jesus

September 25, 2008

Have you ever noticed how the cast of characters that Jesus hung out with could have passed themselves off as a few episodes of the Jerry Springer Show? I mean there was the crooked IRS agent Matthew, the zealous hitman Simon, the prositutes, the naked bloody man who lives in the graveyard, the woman who went from man to man but was always thirsty for more, the idiot fisherman who always spoke before he thought, and the list goes on.

I also notice that much like Jerry Springer and his cop sidekick Steve, Jesus didnt even flinch when these people who represented the dregs of society crossed his path and even shared meals with him. Now I hope nobody thinks I am trying to compare the Lord of all creation to a trashy talk show host. Because it seems to me that the two have very little in common, but one thing I believe is that if Jesus were to go on the Jerry Springer show he would love each person there as much as he loves you or me. He would want to dine with them, share life with them and he would call them to take up their crosses and follow him. Whether it is the Jew hating neo-nazis, the rebellious hell’s angels, the diaper wearing middle aged man who sleeps around, or the gay racist midget eskimo who is in love with a set of conjoined twins form a circus side show, Jesus would have found a way to show them they have¬†infinite¬†value in the eyes of God and He would, in fact he did, die for them to know life.

That gives me hope. How about you?