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All About Jesus

February 5, 2009

As usual lately, I dont have much time to type, but there is a thought that has been at the front of my mind the last few days; It is all about Jesus. I know that this is foundational to my faith and should be on my mind more but I am easily distracted. I lose my focus and forget what this thing called Christian faith is all about.

I realize more and more it is not about pacifism. Its not about baptism. Its not about correct political beliefs. Its not about good theology or philosophy. Its not about saving the environment. Its not about gay marriage or abortion. Its not about being right. Its not about being happy and healthy. Its not about great singing or preaching. Its not about church. Its not about serving others. Its not about a million and one other things.

It is about Jesus. It is about the Messiah. It is about the Lamb of God. It is about the Prince of Peace. It is about Immanuel. It is about Way. It is about the Truth. It is about the Life. It is about the Good Shepherd. It is about the Alpha and Omega. It is about the Chief Cornerstone. It is about our Advocate. It is about the Son of God. It is about the Great High Priest. It is about the Radical Lover. It is about the Street Preacher. It is about the Friend of sinners. It is about the King of kings. It is about Y’shua, Jesus.

Everything is a big pile of crap compared to Jesus. – Apostle Paul (Phil. 3)