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The Lord’s Prayer, My Paraphrase

April 8, 2009

Tonight at church we did a prayer exercise in which we were asked to read the Lord’s prayer and craft a prayer of our own, for our own situation, based on the example Jesus gave us. Here is what I came up with.


Daddy in Paradise, Your character is good, marvelous, loving and pure. I want your Upside-down Kingdom to be seen and felt here in my neighborhood as it is in your celestial community.

I want your desires to be known and lived out in my city as in your New Jerusalem. Please provide us with just enough food to satisfy us for today and maybe a little extra to give to our neighbors in need.

Forgive us for seeing needs and not meeting them especially when we are spending our time judging others, and help us forgive when we are hurt, disappointed, and accosted.

Pull us out of harm’s way when sin comes looking for us or when we go searching for sin. Set us free as you snatch us out of the hands of our cruel enemy.


How would you prayer read if you were following the model laid out by Christ? How have you come to understand the Lord’s Prayer? What has it meant to you?